Creating value

Today’s successful organizations need strategic insight, a clear roadmap, and next generation operating models that deliver in today’s volatile environments. Strategist. Influencer. Change agent. Tamika draws from a well-researched, high-level understanding of markets, trends and emerging best practices to create high-impact roadmaps that deliver. From a trusted advisor of top management to hands-on coach of operations teams, she partners with every level of an organization to drive performance and growth, and achieve your specific results. Her track record is solid: consultant to the largest U.S. REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) to chief customer advocate of the largest SaaS property management software in the nation, her results are enduring and her strategy, solid.



The environment I promote: Know your Brand | Be more than a supplier, be a resource | Being proactive breeds optimism | Court your customers | Court your employees | Creating tools that support your sales team | Equipping your contacts to be your champions
Client Relations
Connecting with clients is imperative to growing your business
Efficient operations cuts waste and optimizes productivity
Mergers & Acquisitions
Seamlessly bringing together different company cultures is essential to maintaining workflow